For years and years, I snubbed my family on holidays and went instead to my ex-boyfriend's family. I wanted to please him, and since he didn't want to be around my family, that meant no holidays with them.

What a stupid girl I was.

My husband and I have laid claim to Christmas as our family holiday. That means that Christmas day is OUR day. Not my parent's day, not Jay's parent's day. Our day to be together as a family to do whatever we want.  The other holidays are shared which is something I should have insisted on with my ex instead of shoving my family to the back burner.

I get it, though. Thanksgiving can definitely be tricky when you're dating someone, and have to decide where to spend the holiday. If you spend the day with your family, his family will be upset. If you spend the day with his family, your family will be upset. It's a no-win situation.

If you haven't committed to a plan as to where you're going to spend Thanksgiving this year, what are you waiting for? You realize that Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday, right? has some pretty great suggestions that might help you make up your mind.

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    Host Thanksgiving Dinner Yourself

    There might not be enough time to pull this off, especially since Thanksgiving is THIS week, but it would make everyone happy because families would be invited.

  • 2

    Alternate Thanksgiving Dinners

    This is what my husband and I do and it works for us. Spend Thanksgiving with one family one year and the other family the next year.

  • 3

    Do Thanksgiving Lunch and Dinner

    If your families live nearby, break out the stretchy pants and prepare to eat a lot because you're going to have two meals. Ask your mom if she'll move dinner up to early afternoon so you guys can share a meal with her and dad, and then see if your boyfriend's family will serve dinner closer to the evening so you can jet over there and share a meal with them.

  • 4

    Do Your Own Thing

    If your families live too far away, or if everyone is throwing daggers and you feel like you're in a now win situation- do you. There's nothing wrong with breaking tradition and cooking a small meal just for the two of you.

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