I think that more and more people are starting to shy away from the frenzied shopping experience known as Black Friday, but if you're bound and determined to get out and scoop up bargains, it can be hard to sort through what's fact and what's fiction. Here are four myths about Black Friday that you definitely need to know, according to Deal News.

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    Myth: Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for shopping

    If you thought that the biggest and best day for major savings was Black Friday, you'd be very wrong. It's actually the Saturday before Christmas and always has been.

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    Myth: You have to camp out at a store to get the best deal

    This is the first year in at least a dozen that I haven't heard a single story of someone camping out already for Black Friday deals. I think it's because people are starting to realize that more and more stores are also offering their Black Friday deals online, so no camping out is necessary.

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    Myth: Black Friday is when you'll get the best deal on a new TV

    If you want a new TV and the best bang for your buck, you're better off waiting until the end of December to buy a TV. That's when stores will slash prices because they want to get rid of the old models and bring in the new ones. Also, stores tend to have pretty impressive sales on TVs right around Super Bowl time.

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    Myth: You should wait for Cyber Monday to get the best deals

    More and more stores are offering their Black Friday in- store deals online as well, so if you wait a couple days thinking you'll be able to buy what's on your list on Cyber Monday, you might actually miss out on the good stuff.

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