I think it's fantastic that there are so many exciting things happening in the Southern Tier. We are seeing new businesses like the first Jersey Mike's Sub Shop in Binghamton as the shop officially opened on Wednesday, July 28th.

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Being a sports person, I love that a new hockey team is coming to the area along with a top-notch sports complex in Johnson City. We are seeing many improvements in our area but do you know what my favorite improvement is? The ones that don't involve "changing traffic patterns and lane closures."

That is one of many reasons why I was pleased to see what the village of Endicott did for its residents and visitors. Once again as a sports guy, I think it's great that they have two new dugouts at Sertoma Field inside GWJ Park.

The village is also going to fix up the playing field and add more fencing work. They also plan on replacing two light poles that were damaged during a recent storm. At the park itself, they are adding new gates at the entrances.

A new asphalt entranceway has replaced the crusher run at the main entrance gate to the Stage at Little Italy Band Stand. The village of Endicott is also making improvements at Riverview Park with new picnic tables, and a kayak storage unit.

You'll also be able to use the East entrance to the Chugnut River Trail. If you think this is impressive, you need to see this Christmas Tree Farm from Endicott.

Take a look at the finished product of all the improvements below:

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