Two Endicott companies have left a huge impression on the hearts and lives of hundreds of local teens by going above and beyond to make sure they were able to enjoy a rite of passage- prom. The companies made prom possible by providing 300 dresses at absolutely no cost.

The new owners of Danel Bridal Salon arranged to have 300 dresses cleaned and refurbished by the Wedding Gown Preservation Company and then those dresses were made available for girls to wear to prom, which happened last Friday.

This incredible show of love and support doesn't stop there though. The owners of both companies have issued a challenge to other local businesses to step up and continue this next year and for years after by offer donations such as haircuts, corsages and so on.

So many of our local kids can't afford to attend prom. Think about it. There's the cost of the dress, hair cut and style, makeup, nails, shoes, flowers, transportation and the ticket itself. For a teen who might not come from a home with an abundance of money, prom can often be a sad time instead of a happy one. But, if our community rallies around these teens, joy and excitement will be brought into their lives and eliminated will be the stress of spending a bunch of money that they may not have.

And who knows? Maybe the kids who are able to attend prom thanks to the support of complete strangers will turn around and pour goodness right back into our community.

[via TWC News]