The Cortland County Sheriff’s office says it is participating in the 2022 “No Empty Chair Campaign” later this month.

The effort raises awareness of the highway dangers leading up to prom and graduation season with the goal of preventing any empty chairs at high school milestone events due to traffic fatalities.

Governor's Traffic Safety Board via Cortland County Sheriff's Office
Governor's Traffic Safety Board via Cortland County Sheriff's Office

There will be special enforcement details starting April 25 through the end of the month.

The focus on April 25 will be cracking down on speeders in School Zones. April 26 details will be checking for seat belt and child restraint compliance, April 27 cell phone use and texting while driving will be targeted while an Operation Safe Stop shadowing school buses looking for drivers who disobey flashing lights and stop arms will be done on April 28 with the final focus Friday, April 29 is on underage drinking and impaired driving.

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The No Empty Chair Campaign is an initiative in cooperation with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

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