Are you breaking the law in New York? There's a good chance that you might innocently be violating one or more of New York’s license plate laws and another good chance that you could find yourself pulled over and given a ticket.

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Some New York state license plate rules are pretty well known while others are not and those are the ones most people violate and then find themselves in possession of a fine because of.

If you remember, during the pandemic, many people were hanging their face masks from their rearview mirror and while we didn't hear of anyone being pulled over for doing so, it very well could have happened.

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New York law is very specific when it comes to our vehicles and anything that can obstruct your view is considered a ticket-able offense. This includes things hanging from your rearview mirror.

If you think the fine will be so small that it won't really even matter, consider this - a ticket for an obstructed view could be up to $150 with an additional NYS surcharge of up to $93 and two points on your license.

A second offense in 18 months can mean a fine of up to $300 fine if you get caught again, a third offense could cost you up to $450.

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Nobody wants to deal with getting pulled over or getting a fine, so we're here to with some tips information on what New York's license plate rules are and how to keep from being ticketed over breaking one of the rules.

Ten New York State License Plate Laws

Doing any of these ten things are a violation of the license plate rules in the state of New York and could earn you a license plate ticket and a fine. 

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