I come from a military family where punctuality isn't an option. There is no wavering, no showing up late, it's simply unacceptable and yet sometimes it happens and when it does, I feel such a pit in the bottom of my belly and I hear the voices of my parents and grandparents, expressing their displeasure.

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I was raised that it is rude, unacceptable, and inexcusable to be late for anything and that if there's a chance we might be late that we should adjust our schedules to make sure that lateness doesn't happen. Except that sometimes life happens. Traffic, the kid clinging to your leg as you try to make an escape for the door, bad weather.

According to Career Builder, more and more employers are extending what could be called "grace time" to their employees, with 29 percent of employers saying that they understand that sometimes an employee might roll in a little late and that as long as it doesn't become a regular thing, they're okay with it. Another 18 percent of employers say that as long as their employee is able to get all of their work done, they don't need to be punctual because the boss isn't watching the clock. That means that 47 percent of employers understand that their employees might run a little behind sometimes.

What about the other 53 percent of employers?

In the survey conducted by Career Builder, the other 53 percent of employers expect their employees to be on time and every single day. What's more, 41 percent say they've had to fire someone for strolling into work late.

If you're not sure where your boss stands on the subject, whether they're okay with you being late as long as you get all your work done or they're more strict and expect you to be on time every day, this might be a good time to have a chat with them so that you're fully aware of their expectations.

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