For most people, today is Wednesday.  For us, it's "Fairy Wing Wednesday."  That's right.  We're breaking up the monotony of today by wearing fairy wings.

It's so easy to get caught up in the monotony of the workday, and life for that matter. Some days it can feel like we're just a bunch of hamster running in a wheel that never gets anywhere. Well, my co-workers and I figured that since we spend more hours with each other than anyone else, we should do little things to make our workdays fun.

If you're looking to break up the boring in your workplace, here are a few ways you can do that.

Purple Thursday- everyone wears something purple:

Wig Wednesday-everyone wears a silly wig and acts as though it's perfectly normal when visitors come to the office:

Topper Tuesday-an excuse to forgo doing your hair for a day!

Mod Monday-break out old school fashions like denim on denim and velour pants and granny shoes and wear them with pride:

Mad Monday-walk around making the most ridiculous mad faces to try to get each other to laugh:

Pajama Friday- this falls along the same lines as Wig Wednesday- wear pajamas to work and act like it's completely normal:

And if you work on weekends like we do, you can do what we do- make a  rule that there are no rules.  Anything goes: