Apparently, there are people who regularly get a perfect night’s sleep.  I am not one of those people.  You are most likely not one of those people.

So what are we doing wrong? Well, 2,000 people who sleep well every night were asked what the secret is and this is what they say you and I should do:

  • We should finish eating dinner by 8:29pm, which will give us time to digest.
  • We shouldn’t drink anything after 9:10pm because we’ll run our night of sleep by going to the bathroom.
  • After dinner, we need to make sure to do something relaxing, like watching TV.
  • We need to get into bed EXACTLY at 10pm and make sure we wear comfortable pajamas.
  • We need to spend 20 minutes reading.
  • We need to shut off the light and we should be fast asleep by 10:26pm and shouldn't wake up until your alarm goes off at 6:47am.

Obviously I can’t follow this schedule because if I were to get up at 6:47am, I’d miss most of the Hawk Morning Show.  So how about you give it a try and let me know how it works out for you?