"Dude, where's my car?" I think we've all uttered that phrase a time or two in our lives, but this story goes way, way beyond a momentary lapse in memory.

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I vividly remember when I went to Baltimore to catch an Eagles/Ravens game many years ago and my ex and I parked in a lot a few blocks from the stadium. I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and as we walked to the stadium, I began to write down street names and landmarks. My ex mocked me and told me to stop, that he knew the way back to the car. Famous last words.

After the game, we did find our car. But, not before touring virtually all of downtown Baltimore on foot. In the dark. It literally took us two hours to get back to our parking spot. Since that night, I've never not taken a pen and paper and written down directions back to my vehicle when parking in an unfamiliar place.

Unfortunately for this guy, he didn't write down directions and he certainly doesn't remember the way back to his car because it's lost. As in, so lost that this guy has turned to the internet for help finding his ride.

Reddit user iGoalie posted a sign they spotted in a north Minneapolis neighborhood asking for help. The note reads,

I got too drunk, parked my car, and rode with a friend. We think it’s somewhere in the northern parts of Hennepin County, parked on a residential street.

CityPages, a website local to where the sign was posted chimed in saying,

To say a person, place, or thing is in ‘the northern parts of Hennepin County’ — which stretches 600 square miles and is home to more than a million people — is about as helpful as saying the mythical minotaur is ‘somewhere in the labyrinth.

Good luck, bud! What's the strangest thing you've ever lost and how long did it take for you to find it?

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