On September 11th, one person hiking in the Adirondacks decided to do a good thing, the problem is now they need your help to complete the good deed!

A post that started trending on Reddit last week is looking for help. According to the OP, "Hiked Hadley Mountain and Firetower on Sept 11 - a young man asked me to take a photo/video of his proposal, but then never got in touch...please give a watch and see if you might know them!"

With that, Brian Afflixio shared a video of what started out as a routine hike through the Adirondacks since he's a hiking guide and writes hiking reviews for Roulette-Travel. Afflixio was filming his trek up Hadley Mountain to the firetower where he saw two other people. On Afflixio's way down from the tower, one of the two people asked if Afflixio could take a picture. That's when the man walked over to his girlfriend, got down on one knee and proposed.

Now, Afflixio has the footage of the engagement but no way of getting in contact with this couple. Watch the video below and if you know the couple, tell them that Afflixio is looking for them to share their moment. We have no idea if they're local or just in the area visiting but he wants to find them. The video has been shared to various news sources and all over the internet, but no one has been able to find this couple!

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