With more and more people working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, that means more and more time spent in your email. Here's a question? How do you know if your email is safe? The hackers are good but you need to be gooder...I mean better.

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One of the first steps you can take is to look for is a mismatched or fake URL. If you're suspicious about your email, try hovering over it. Hovering gives you a chance to think before you continue.

It also lets you see where the link is going. Don't find out the hard way that the link is not going where you thought it was.  When you hover, look for certain things:

If the email appears to be coming from a company, does the hover link match the website of that company? Is there a misspelling of a well-know website? Do you recognize the link's address or were you even expecting to get the link? Did you get a blank email with long hyperlinks with no other information?

If you see anything about the email that doesn't look right, don't click the link, open the attachments and don't reply. If you think that everything is okay, but you're still not positive...then verify. Find out if the email is legit before continuing.

We seem to have more time than ever so Stop Look and Think. Taking a moment to check can save you a lot of time (and aggravation) in the end.

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