We’ve all been there. We take a quick look at our email and we tell ourselves that we'll answer it in a minute. Then a hour later, we realize that we haven't read the letter and it's too late to respond. The good news is that New Yorkers are changing that when it comes to letting our messages pile up.

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According to a study by Secure Data Recovery, New Yorkers are among the best at opening our email and responding. Their study took a look at our email and text message habits and we are the second-best in the United States.

When it comes to opening emails, we have a low average of only 6.2 unopened emails per day. I guess that means that I'm above average...ha ha. But it's not just emails that New Yorkers are good at.

The study found that New Yorkers are the seventh best state at opening our messages, with an average of  3.16 unopened texts per day. Once again, I'm above average. Okay, that's not funny anymore.

According to the study, we do really well with our digital communication and we also like low-maintenance friendships. In a world where check-ins, calls and face-to-face get togethers are expected, we rank low when it comes to high-maintenance friends.

In other words, we know that sometimes we need to chill the relationship and give each other some space.

Americans Don't Like It When We Take Too Long To Reply To Emails

The study shows that in the US, we hate when people take to long to reply to our emails. 48% of Americans say they are bothered when people take too long to respond to our emails and text messages. Uh-Oh!

We all haven't got a response as fast as we wanted. However 65% of us have lied and said that we "forgot to respond" to a text when in reality, we just didn't feel like replying? Is this you?

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