Every year you go to a Christmas Eve service except you've got a problem this year.  Life has happened and suddenly you've discovered that you're busy with other plans on Christmas Eve.

You still want to celebrate the birth of Jesus and would feel so guilty if you didn't go to a Christmas church service. What do you do? Lucky for you, the answer is simple: come to Bridgewater Church for a Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve service.

Each of the Bridgewater Church campuses will be holding Christmas services on Sunday, December 22nd (Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve) and on Tuesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) which means you can choose the service and location that works the best for you.

Bridgewater Church has six campuses and they're located in Conklin, Montrose, Vestal, Hallstead, Tunkhannock, and new online campus so if you really, really can't get to church, you can watch our services from the palm of your hand.

The Conklin (where I go) and Montrose campuses will hold three services at 2, 3:30  and 5 p.m on Sunday, December 22nd. If you're the Christmas Eve service type, then they can help with a 3 and 4:30 p.m. service on Tuesday, December 24th.

Go here.to see the times for the Vestal (Traci's church), Tunkhannock and Hallstead times for Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve and Christmas Eve times.

I'll be parking cars at the Bridgewater Conklin location for the Sunday, Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve services and would love to see you. I'll even save you a special spot to park or I can valet your car at no charge. Think of it as my Christmas gift to you.

If you're wondering what to wear, the dress is really informal. We don't care what you're wearing- just that you're there! I'll probably be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and Elf ears.

If you've got little kids, childcare is available for infants to pre-k and my daughter, Riley will be a kid wrangler for the Sunday services. Kids who are kindergarten-aged and older will sit with their families so that they can enjoy the Christmas service.

This is a church for a person like you, no matter who you are. We are one church with many locations and if you want to learn more about our church and the things that matter to us, you'll find everything here.

If you can't make it to any of the services mentioned above, remember you can go to our online campus. The most important thing is to go somewhere even if it isn't Bridgewater.

If you're looking for a Christmas Eve service, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NorthPointe , 126 East Service Highway in Hillcrest (It's in the same plaza as My Uncle's Place and Binghamton Honda). They will be having a Christmas Eve service from 6 to 7 p.m.

NorthPointe helped me get out of my 30 year wilderness and I owe Kenny Mulligan a huge thank you for that. Dress is informal there too.

I truly hope that you'll find a church (any Bible-believing church) near you and that you'll take time to remember the reason for the season. Jesus.

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