If you are avid chicken wing eater like me, you have noticed a price increase over the last year.

I am here to see that I will pay almost anything for a dozen of those crispy delights. When I need wings, I need wings.

The demand for wings over the past year, combined with other factors, left restaurants scrambling to find the right price point for their wings. This left restaurants promoting boneless wings and wing alternatives in order to keep price points low.

But, it is now time to celebrate wing lovers, wing prices are dropping.

After the nation saw wholesale wing prices surge to $2.19 a pound, wing prices have dropped a whopping 37%. The good news is that the prices sit a seasonal low, the lowest in seven years.

According to the experts, we won't really see a significant change in pricing until this upcoming football season. Wings have increased in popularity during football season, and hit their peak during the Super Bowl, which was won the by the Philadelphia Eagles this year.

On another note: stop making wings healthy. Here's my rant about wings need to stay wings, and stop trying to be something they aren't. Click here.

[via Bloomberg]

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