In the spectrum of bar food, the chicken wing is the king. Its so popular that it may even creep into my list of top 10 foods of all time. With the Super Bowl around the corner, I need to make a plea to all restaurant owners.


When I go to a bar or restaurant and order wings, I know what I’m getting into. A crispy, deep fried, butter and hot sauce slathered, amazing treat. I know its not healthy for me, and I don’t care. I want the grease and I want the heat. That’s the beauty behind the chicken wing.

I have now seen multiple restaurants switch to an organic, free range chicken wing. We don’t need to do that. I am absolutely in favor of us trying to better how we eat and how we treat animal. But when I want to eat chicken wings I want something plump and juicy, not a deep fried twig.

These new kinds of wings barely have any meat on them and break easily. That’s not even the worst part! Working in the food and restaurant industry in high school and college taught me a lot about food cost, and recently chicken wings have gone up in price. I want restaurants to make money and be successful, and I know the price of their wings will reflect that.

I, however, do not think I should have to pay the normal $10-$12 for an order of wings, for something claiming to be healthier but less fulfilling.

I love the chicken wing, I know its not healthy, but its delicious. I know what I’m getting into. I’m not training for a marathon, I’m just trying to watch football and stuff my face.

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