Okay, the pandemic just keep taking and taking. We are tired of how Covid-19 has changed our world. This is no revelation to any of us.

Now, comes word that the pandemic is making an effect on the supply of chicken wings. Yes, you read that correctly - chicken wings. During the more than year long pandemic, chicken wings have become more popular than ever. According to a report in Restaurant Business Online, supply has been down and demand is surging.  Retail sales and restaurant sales have increased seven percent from 2019 to 2020.

So it doesn't take genius to figure out that the price of chicken wings would increase, and they have. It's all about 'Supply and Demand.' The National Chicken Council annual report of chicken wing consumption for the 2021 big game was up two percent from the previous year, with about 1.42 billion chicken wings consumed over that weekend.

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I think with many people staying home during the year long pandemic, there has been an increase in take out and I can only imagine that chicken wings are high on the take out menu for many families around the country.

And then are those who prefer to make delicious chicken wings at home. There are many way to do that easily, including using an air fryer. I just bought one, and am about to experiment with cooking chicken wings in my air fryer. I'm hoping for a tasty outcome.

No matter how you get your chicken wings, it's more expensive now, but hopefully it will be a short-lived shortage and prices will come back to normal. In the meantime, I will still buy chicken wings no matter what the price is. Gotta have my wings!

via National Chicken Council, Restaurant Business Online

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