More and more smokers are betting that electric cigarettes are the way to go because they believe they are safer than regular cigarettes.  A recent study finds that certain flavors could mean danger.

According to a study by Thorax and published at, the study suggests that "vapers should select their e-cigarette liquid with an abundance of caution, since some contain especially high levels of benzaldehydes. While the chemical is frequently used as flavoring in many food products, it can be toxic when inhaled and is a strong irritant to the respiratory system."

For this study, over 145 different electric cigarette flavors were tested.  The results found the highest levels of "potentially toxic chemicals" in the cherry-flavored products -- "45 times higher than levels found in many other e-cigarette liquids they tested."  Other flavors on the study found liquids with candy, tobacco, coffee, tea and chocolate also had high benzaldehyde levels but cherry posed the highest levels.