It's an event that my daughter Riley has participated in the past and this year my other daughter, Tara will try it as well. I'm talking about the Cardboard Boat Races at the Chenango Valley High School pool beginning at 5 pm.

Tara and my wife put together an awesome boat that will (we hope) float on water tonight. So what role did I play in this project? My part was to get the cardboard box (thank you, Olums) and to stay out of the way (which I did by taking a nap).

Tonight, Tara will take on the not so still waters with her boat "Bubbles the Syracuse Fish." I'm feeling good about her seacraft because I had nothing to do with the construction and because Syracuse had an awesome finish against Duke last night, so I'm feeling the same about tonight.

The Cardboard Boat Races are a CV tradition, with all CV Middle School kids encouraged to use their science and physics knowledge to make a cardboard boat that can carry them the length of the pool and back in the shortest time.

Tara has been designing the fish boat complete with fins, tail and a face for months now. This is all part of a bigger event called STEAM. The kids enjoy hands-on activity stations based on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

The STEAM event begins at 6 pm after the Cardboard Boat Races.

STEAM Night is geared towards students in grades K-6 and their parents, and has activity stations for students to build structures with zany materials (including slime) and make marble paper, perform gas experiments, measure “bears,” use “basketball math” and “space math.”

STEAM Night will also feature a display of science projects and Rube Goldberg machines which are devices built to perform a simple function using a complicated series of chain reactions.

STEAM Night stations will be found throughout the CV Middle School gym and cafeteria and it goes until 7:30 pm.

Regardless if Tara's boat makes it to the other side and back or if it becomes an instant submarine, I couldn't be more proud of her.  This has been an awesome bonding experience for all of us and since everyone is welcome to cheer on the kids, I hope to see you at the Cardboard Boat Races tonight!

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