Eleven school districts in Broome County are participating in the program equipping buses with stop-arm safety cameras that can help catch drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses, endangering the lives of the children.

A warning period for enforcement begins on May 24 and fines will start being issued June 24 that start with $250 per violation with higher fines for repeat violations.

The Broome County Legislature passed a local law to create a demonstration program for stop-arm cameras on school buses in 2019.

Photo provided by the Broome County Executive's office
Photo provided by the Broome County Executive's office

County and school district officials used National Operation Safe Stop Day on April 22 which promotes school bus safety, to highlight the stop-arm camera program.

Union Endicott is among the districts using the cameras and officials say they can now accurately record the license plate and vehicle information on violators as there continues to be instances where people pass buses that are stopped with their lights flashing and stop-arm deployed.

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Broome County is installing signs around the region with the reminder that passing a stopped school bus is against the law and warning that the law is being photo enforced county-wide.

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