I can only imagine how quiet it is during a local high school high risk sporting event. Having your team being cheered on from the stands is all part of the game and is such a boost to game play.

Today (February 22nd) Broome County Executive Jason Garner announced that spectators can now be allowed at higher risk sporting events. New York State on January 22nd announced that higher risk sports could begin with permission of local health authorities.

I'm sure this will be a huge boost for the schools, students and parents. Of course it will be great for the athletes to be able to hear the cheers of the spectators again. I would imagine it's got to have a positive effect for everyine involved.

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The press release from Broome County Executive Jason Garner states that there will be some restrictions for school districts and recreational leagues to have included in their plans including complying with venue guidance, capacity limits and New York State gathering guidance.

Also, a limit of no more than two spectators per home student-athlete will be permitted if the school distict and venue size permits, and a social distancing plan must be enforced for all spectators.

The press release from Broome County Executive Jason Garner states that it is up to each New York State school district to decide if they choose to allow specatrors attending the games.

For more information, visit the Go Broome County website.

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