The next time you go grocery shopping you may be seeing things where they traditionally are not usually displayed.  Grocery stores are about to add some snap crackle pop to their produce isles.

Due to breakfast cereal sales being at all-time lows, Kellogg cereals are trying a little experiment by placing their familiar favorites along side your fresh blueberries and strawberries, in the produce isle of your grocery store.

The experiment will start with grocery stores in the mid west and it's too early to tell if it will make it to Southern Tier stores anytime soon.  I guess it depends on how well received it is and if it makes a difference in cereal sales.

So why do you think the sale of breakfast cereal is down so much?  Is it the cost of the product, poor marketing or the fact that people are skipping breakfast or getting their breakfast on the run?  As always, share your thoughts below.


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