2020 was a big year for boating in Broome County, prompting the County Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Services to open boating at Dorchester Park early.

Photo: Broome County Government
Photo: Broome County Government

Boat rentals will be available this weekend and next. Normally the season begins Memorial Day weekend.

As people were forced to stay close to home during pandemic shut downs and travel restrictions, many discovered the amenities at local parks, like the boat rentals in Broome County.

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Boats can be rented by the hour or some craft by the day.  The rentals are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week and next from 10 a-m to 5 p-m. Boats must be returned by 6 p-m on rental days.

After Memorial Day weekend, boats can be rented seven days a week.

Rowboats, canoes, paddleboats and kayaks require a $20 deposit with the deposit half-price for seniors and veterans for canoes and rowboats. The hourly rate for rowboats and canoes is $5 with a maximum cost of $20 a day. The hourly rate for paddle boats and kayaks is $8.  The hourly rate for seniors is $3 with a $10 maximum.

For information about park amenities, call the Parks Department at (607) 778-2193.

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