If you live in New York and you're looking for a simple and powerful way to show your support for United States veterans, I've got the perfect thing you can do and it won't take much work.

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All you need is a porch light and a green light bulb. The program is called Green Light a Vet. That's where a green porch light shows our appreciation for the sacrifices of veterans.

Some people keep their green porch lights all year while other people only turn their porch lights to green around holidays like Veterans Day (November 11th) and Memorial Day (the last Monday in May).

Why Is The Porch light Green?

Why green? According to Green Light a Vet, green is the color of hope, renewal, and well-being. The term "green light" is a forward movement, so when you change one light to green, you are letting your neighbors know that you support the veterans.

It's an opportunity to recognize veterans and helping "green light" them forward as important members of our communities. They deserve our respect and recognition for the sacrifices they have made to the United States and for us.

As a New Yorker, you can be a part in this national movement and all you have to do is put one switch one porch light to green. When you do this, you will be joining others throughout the United States in showing support for our nation's bravest and hardest-working men and women. This is the least that we can do for them.

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