It's the final week of October and I'm declaring this Halloween week. Yesterday, we celebrated "National Pumpkin Day" with pumpkin "fun facts" and jokes like "Why was Cinderella bad at football?" Believe me, the answer has something to do with a pumpkin and you can find the answer here.

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Today, October 27th we continue our week-long celebration of Halloween with "National Black Cat Day." One of the reasons that we'll honor the black cat today is they could use some positive press. They are known to be bad luck and you never want one to cross the road in front of you.

Black cats are also the least likely to be adopted in shelters throughout the US. I think that's one reason why my daughter, Tara adopted a black cat named "Shane." Shane has been with us for almost five years she thinks that Shane is meow-nificent.

Here are some paw-some things about Shane and other black cats that I hope will change the bad rap that they get.

Black cats have a bad reputation in our country but some countries consider them good luck. In Great Britain, black cats are thought to bring good luck. In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from the right, it can bring prosperity.

Looking for love? In Japan, women are encouraged to own a black cat to increase their chance of romance. They can be your wingcat., so surround yourself with black cats.

Black cats have magical color-shifting powers...sort of. They have a special pigment called melanin in their fur. When they are out in the sun, many black cats will turn dark brown for a little while.

Recently I saw Shane sitting on the window sill and it looked like he was "rusting." I thought it was my eyes but now I know he was just color-shifting...I hope.

Maybe you need to do what Tara did and adopt a black (or any other) cat today. The Broome County Humane Society has several cats that you can adopt now. The way 2020 has been going, this could be the good luck that you've been looking for.

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