There is a lot going on at the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park including the Ice Cream Safari this Saturday, July 13th, beginning at 5:30, read all about here. They even have their Binghamton Zoo Summer Zoo School beginning this Monday, July 15th.

Don't forget to save the date, Wednesday, August 21st for the Feast with the Beasts. So what else is new with the zoo?

How about the arrival of two golden-headed lion tamarins, Dan and Valentine. Dan is a 15 year old male that came from the Utica Zoo in April. Valentine is a 6 year old female from the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC.

They are here for breeding purposes after being recommended by the golden-headed lion tamarin Species Survival Plan (SSP). Who knew that there was such a thing?

They are small primates named for their bright gold mane that surrounds their head. They are dark brown or black with golden markings on their arms and tail. They come from the tropical forests of southern Brazil and like to eat fruits, flowers, nectar and insects.

You'll even have a chance to see them at the Ice Cream Safari on Saturday. America's 5th oldest zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton.

[via Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park]

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