So what's going on with Ross Park Zoo. Most of us know about the name and logo change but there is more...a lot more. They have welcomed two new additions to the zoo with help from the Broome Leadership Institute (BLI).

BLI has selected the Ross Park Zoo as the focus of their Class of 2020 project. They are going to financially support the zoo and their conservation efforts by bringing in new wildlife, specifically around the zoo's newest species, the Pallas's Cats.

If you haven't heard yet, Ross Park Zoo welcomed the two Pallas's cats on February 17th from the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, IL. The sisters (Jodi and Ruby) are almost a year old and are a part of the Pallas's Cat Species Survival Plan (SSP).

SSP carefully manages the breeding of a species to keep a healthy captive population and the zoo's future goal is to have a breeding pair of Pallas's cats. They mostly live in Mongolia and Russia and right now, there are less than 50 animals in the population in US zoos and just over 15,000 in the wild.

The Pallas's Cats are decreasing in number and Ross Park Zoo wants to help keep them around. You won't be able to see Jodi and Ruby right now at the zoo because they are in quarantine. They will remain away from the public until their exhibit is complete.

The BLI Class of 2020 is currently raising funds to help Ross Park Zoo in their efforts, If you would like to help or to find out more about these animals, go here.

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