May is Foster Care Month and this year's national theme is focusing on the mental and behavioral health needs of children and youth that are in foster care. Last year, Broome County had 326 children in foster care. That's a 9% increase over the number of kids that were in foster care in 2021.

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That's sad news but what's just as sad is that the number of foster homes has remained the same. That's why Northern Rivers and the Ross Park Zoo are getting together to do something about it. Northern Rivers is a family of human services agencies that is committed to helping children adults and families.

They have been supporting foster parents and kids in foster care in Broome County since 2010. They have partnered with Northeast Parent & Child Society and have a office in Binghamton that supports almost 40 foster homes and 84 kids that are in foster care in our area.

They receive requests almost every day seeking to place kids in a safe and supportive foster home and the demands are above the current capacity. So during the month of May, Ross Park Zoo is stepping in to help find foster parents.

Ross Park Zoo Raises Awareness About Foster Care

People from Northern Rivers will be at Ross Park Zoo on the weekends and they'll have information to anyone that is interested in becoming foster parents. The zoo is open now and they are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with last admission at 3 p.m.

America's 5th oldest zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton and don't miss their 148th grand opening celebration, May 26th to May 29th. If you're interested in becoming or learning more about being foster parents, go here and help give hope a home.

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