The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park”, formerly known as “The Ross Park Zoo”, will be will be reverting back to its original name, “The Ross Park Zoo”.

15 years ago, the zoo changed its name to “Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park”. The changing of the name made it easier for people to find the zoo online, and with the new name, the zoo would show up when people Googled “things to do in Binghamton”.

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In a press release obtained by 99 1 The Whale Thursday, the zoo stated;

Today, as we celebrate 145 years, we are embracing our history and our community that helped to shape the zoo for many generations. We hope to help bring back memories for those who grew up in Ross Park, while creating new memories for families to come.

The zoo was originally named after Erastus and Camellia Ross who donated the land at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton for a park and a conservation based zoo back in 1875. The zoo has been there ever since.

Along with the new / old name, comes a new logo. For years the zoo's logo featured a picture of a penguin. The new logo that was unveiled today, features a painting of a red panda.

I still enjoy the Ross Park Zoo. I love to go there at least once a year on a nice warm spring, or not too hot summer day, and just check out all the animals. It's also a nice walk in the fall with all the leaves changing colors.

My favorite attractions there, besides the Zoo Brew, is the penguins exhibit, the red pandas, and the wolf den.

The Ross Park Zoo is the fifth oldest zoo in the United States. The zoo is open weekends during the winter from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

This Sunday, February 2nd, The Ross Park Zoo will be featuring Penguin Bowl III. You can watch the Penguins live in action through Facebook live and Instagram. Click here for more information on that.

Here is the new logo

Photo Credit: Ross Park Zoo via Facebook
Photo Credit: Ross Park Zoo via Facebook

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