Have you heard about the 'Name the Team' contest that the Binghamton Mets are doing? No. Have you taken a trip to a secluded island the past couple of days?

Many people aren't very happy about the Super Six names. Some have started a petition to add "Binghamton Mets" to the list. Other's have started a petition to stop the name change all together.

I will say this. It has people talking. Not only in Binghamton but all over the country. National Sport shows like ESPN, Fox Sports and even the "Loud Mouths" out of New York City.

I was standing in line for the 'No Huddle' Tour last night to meet Syracuse coaches Boeheim and Babers along with Floyd Little. I heard two people talking about the Super Six names.

They didn't think they were all that Super. I say, "Hey they're talking about the team." Many people are wondering what's going on. I have my thoughts but I'll save it for another day.

If you haven't seen the six finalists in the "Name the Team" contest, go here to see the names and why that name was chosen.

To vote for your "favorite" go here.

How's that saying go? Bad publicity is better then no publicity at all. Much like the Binghamton Mets, I say "well played."

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