If you're interested in checking out a unique drinking establishment with cheap prices and a laid-back atmosphere, dive bars are the perfect destination.

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Upstate New York is filled with intriguing dive bars, each with its own character and charm but there are two dive bars in Upstate New York consistently voted best of the best year by visitors year after year.

Dr.'s Inn - Rochester

Located in Rochester, Dr.'s Inn captures the true essence of a dive bar. The interior is dimly lit, and the walls are adorned with eclectic decor that adds to the bar's unique vibe. Known for its friendly staff and extensive drink selection, Dr.'s Inn is a favorite among locals looking for a casual spot to unwind with great company as well as to travelers who are looking to take a load off for a bit.

Pauly's Hotel - Albany

Pauly's Hotel, nestled in Albany, is more than just a dive bar. Bursting with character, this establishment hosts live musical performances and events, offering a getaway for both local musicians and customers looking for a memorable night out. With its affordable drinks and intimate atmosphere, Pauly's Hotel is a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic dive bar experience.

Honorable Mention: Rudy's Bar & Grill - New York City

Clearly, New York City is not Upstate but Rudy's Bar & Grill in New York City deserves a mention due to its iconic status as a dive bar. Since opening its doors in 1933, Rudy's has become a legend in its own right. The wooden door and unpretentious atmosphere draw in customers from all walks of life. Known for its classic dive bar appeal and reasonably priced drinks, Rudy's is a must-visit spot for any dive bar enthusiast.

Remember, the best dive bar is a matter of personal preference. So, be adventurous and try out different dive bars to find your own hidden gem!

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