If all else fails, if you have someone who enjoys a cocktail or two, you can't go wrong with booze.  That is something I always heard and the older I get, the more I see it.  Guys especially, like their gifts in a bottle.  Hey, that should be a country song.  What is Garth Brooks' phone number?!

Here are some gifts that may bring a smile to the social drinker on your list:

  • Craft Beer - Wrapping a case of Bud Light may be tacky but a well crafted six pack is very cool. Craft beer sales are huge in the Southern Tier according to Sam The Beer Man and Susquehanna Beverages.  I know a number of grocery stores in the Binghamton area that let you mix and match your six pack.  Hey!  I think there is another country song in that last line.
  • Jack Daniels - If they love their JD, Rum, American Honey, Tequila or Bailey's, be on the look out for specially packaged deals that sometimes come with some really cool sipping or shot glasses, more often than not, at the same price of picking up the same size bottle.  Shop early as these specially packaged deals go quick.
  • Wine - Sometimes you can get an amazing bottle of wine for under $10.  Be on the lookout for labels that say "old vine" or "reserve," as they are usually the best choices.  Also, pay attention to the little signs that have a rating number or list the awards they won.  Find a silver or gold oil-based pen that writes on glass and include a quick "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" and you've got a great gift they will never forget.