Ask any parent or grandparent and they'll tell you that there's a certain thrill in knowing that a good deal was found on a baby or child item but as with all things in life, a good deal might not be so great after all.

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I vividly remember when I was pregnant with my son and the excitement of finding a bargain on something that I wanted for his nursery. I looked high and low in every place imaginable for deals and in no way am I saying that parents shouldn't search for savings, but parents (along with family and friends) should be aware that there are some items that have caused serious harm and in some cases, death to babies and children and that are still being sold by private individuals on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace even though they've been recalled.

According to USA Today, it discovered over 170 items were being sold on Facebook Marketplace which had previously been recalled. Facebook does have policies in place to ban or block postings about recalled items, but sometimes things fall through the cracks.

The best thing that you can do is if you see an item for sale and aren't sure about its safety, is to look up the item on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website before purchasing it.

If you're looking for an example of some of the things discovered to be still listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace that could seriously injure or kill a baby or child, these are some of them.

Six Items That Seriously Injured or Killed Infants but Are Still Being Sold on Facebook Marketplace

Buyer beware! Each of these items has been recalled because they caused serious harm and in some cases, even death, to infants or children, and yet they're still showing up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

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