For over sixty years, the Greater Binghamton Airport has been helping people from Broome County and beyond get to their destination.

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The Greater Binghamton Airport is owned by Broome County. When it was first built, it was called the Broome County Airport and that name stuck through the 1970s when the airport was renamed Edwin A. Link Field- Broome County Airport.

The name change to Edwin A. Link was in honor of the Binghamton man who invented the flight simulator. The airport held on to the Edwin A. Link name until the 1990s when it was changed to Binghamton Regional Airport. In 2003, the airport was given yet another new name: Greater Binghamton Airport. The field of the airport still carries the Edwin A. Link name.

Several different airlines have flown in and out of the Greater Binghamton Airport during its sixty years including Mohawk, Trans World Airlines, and Colonial Airlines (later named Eastern Air Lines).

There have been what people call "puddle jumpers" which are smaller airplanes that take people to larger airports where they can connect to bigger airplanes. Places such as Syracuse, Boston, Albany, Burlington, and others.

Today, there is only one airline that services the Greater Binghamton Airport, and that airline is Delta which only has service to Detroit.

A lot of questions have been raised about the Greater Binghamton Airport through the years and whether or not the airport will ever have more than just one airline. On February 8, Greater Binghamton Today posed the question on social media, “What would you think about an airline like Breeze coming to Binghamton with flights south? Maybe Myrtle Beach or Florida?” The question was asked after it was pointed out how severely underused the Greater Binghamton Airport is.

The question wasn’t a tease that Breeze is in fact coming to Binghamton, but rather to ask people if they would like an airline to find its way to Binghamton to take them to warmer, southern destinations.

The response from community members was an overwhelming, yes, they would love another airline to service Binghamton as long as the prices were reasonable.

What do you think? If the Greater Binghamton Airport were to have another, smaller airline with stops to places such as Myrtle Beach or Florida, would you fly out of Binghamton more often rather than out of places such as Syracuse or Scranton?

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