It goes without saying that it's tough when you've just started dating someone new, but even harder when your new relationship begins during the holiday season. Do you invite your new guy to meet your family? Are you dating him just to avoid being alone this time of year?

Well, today I've got answers to some of the most common issues girls face in a new relationship this time of year.

#1.)  Should you invite your new man to spend the holidays with your family?  If you just started dating and you're not sure whether you should bring him home for Christmas, it's probably better to hold off.  Here's a way to think of it: if it weren't for the holidays would you voluntarily take him to meet mom and dad right now? Also, if this new relationship does work out, you'll have a ton of future holidays to spend together and with your family.

#2.)  Are you getting too serious too soon?  This month is a whirlwind with parties and events and all of that makes it super easy to get  wrapped up with each other way too fast, instead of going through the usual "getting to know each other" phase.  The holidays should be about connecting with people you care about like family and old friends. Whatever you do, don't put those people on the back burner for someone you just met. That's not fair to the people who've been by your side for a long time.

#3.)  Should you spring for a nice gift?  Unless you're exclusive and have been dating for a couple of months, don't spend more than $50.  Oh, and if you're not positive where you stand, the best thing is to get them a gift you can experience together, like tickets to a concert or a game.  That way he won't feel as weird if they didn't get you something.

#4.)  Are you dating the wrong person to avoid spending the holidays alone?  The fear of being single over the holidays can keep people together even if they shouldn't be. So, how do you know if your relationship is all wrong?  Well, ask yourself:   Do I enjoy being part of this relationship, or do I just like the idea of being in a relationship?  Obviously if it's the second, it's time to move on.

#5.)  Should you wait until after the holidays to break up with someone?  This one is a toughie. If you know that it's over, absolutely-positively know, then you should  bite the bullet and dump him sooner rather than later.  He'll be bummed either way, and his Christmas will probably stink but at least this way you'll both get to start off 2013 with a completely clean slate.