This story not only left tears streaming down my face, but made me feel like someone ripped my heart from my chest, tore it into little pieces and stomped all over it. However, it also reinforced my belief that true love does exist.

Larry and Jimmie Sue Swilling have been married for 57 years and are as in love today as they were they day they walked down the isle.

And now, Larry is on the mission of his lifetime.  A mission to find a kidney for his wife.Jimmie Sue was born with only one kidney, but that kidney is shot and she needs a new one, but nobody in her family is a match and while she’s on the donor list, the wait is two to three years and that's for a kidney from a deceased donor. Patients who receive a kidney from a living donor have a much better chance of survival.

Larry decided not to wait on the chance a donor might be found through the registry.  He has taken to the streets to find a kidney to save the love of his life.

Virtually every day for almost a year, Larry has walked more than 250 miles around his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina wearing a sandwich board begging for a kidney. At intersections and on the street Larry pleads with people to be tested to see if they’re a match for his sweetheart.

 “She’s my heart,” Larry says.

I sure hope I’m able to follow up with a happy ending to this story. Please spread the word to everyone you know.  Perhaps one of us will be able to save Larry’s sweetheart’s life.

If you’re interested in learning more about being an organ donor for Mrs. Swilling or for the nearly 100,000 other people who are waiting for a new kidney, please call 1-800-277-8687.

Source: CBS News