If you share your life with a dog like I do, you are spending a lot of time trying to make him or her a happy pup. Unfortunatley, more money as well.  So what really works? Beneful conducted a survey and found the top 10 things that make dogs the happiest.  Check 'em out:

1. Eating meals, 95% of owners say it makes their dog happy.

2. Going on walks, 93%.

3. Eating dog treats, 93%.

4. Chewing a dog bone, 88%.

5. Snuggling, 85%.

6. Riding in the car, 78%.

7. Playing fetch, 77%.

8. Going to the dog park, 72%.

9. Running or jogging, 71%.

10. Being brushed or groomed, 63%.

The survey also found 93% of people say their dog is one of their best friends, and 72% say their dog understands them like no human ever could!

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