There are some things that we take for granted every day.  Things we see and do that others aren't exposed to.  But this one blows my mind.

How could you live most of your early life without ever seeing a cow in real life?

There was a study done that said that 54% of young adults between the ages of 11 and 24 have never seen a cow in real life.  There are over 100 million cows in our country.  100 million, and you've never crossed paths with any of them?

It doesn't seem possible.  Now, granted, I grew up in a farming community and my dad's best friend was a dairy farmer.  So we spent a lot of time on his farm, helping him with hay, milking his cows, and doing chores.  There were plenty of days where we didn't go without seeing cows.  I may have a skewed view on this, but a cow seems like an animal that is readily available to see with your own eyes.  Even if you get in your car and drive somewhere, how do you not see one in a field?

It doesn't end with cows though.

The list of other things that they haven't done is just as shocking.

1.  43% have never gone camping or even hiking.

2.  27% have never seen the sun rise.

3.  19% have never cooked a meal from scratch.

4.  15% have never left the state where they were born.

5.  13% have never sent something in the mail.


So that got me thinking about things that many people have done, that I've never done.  There are movies that it feels like everyone has seen, that I haven't.  Foods that I've never tried.  I've never had a Cro-nut.  That might seem crazy to someone in New York City.

It's just a reminder of how much there is to life, and how much there is to experience.

You've heard the phrase that tells people to "Smell the roses."  Take the time to look at the cows.  It's something that evidently not a lot of people can say they've done.


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