It's a good idea to hide the smell when you stink up a bathroom right? I mean, because it's polite to other people, then of course there's the embarrassment factor when the next person walks in there and almost dies.

According to a new survey, 84.4% of people do try to cover up the smell.  So bravo to the brave 15.6% who don't.  But here's how everyone else does:

1.  Spraying air freshener, 41.1%.

2.  Using a fan, 33.1%.

3.  Lighting a match, 6.3%.

4.  Potpourri, 1.3%.

5.  Flushing an extra time, 1.1%.

6.  Lighting a candle or incense, 0.6%.

7.  Opening a window, 0.5%.

8.  Spraying perfume, 0.4%.


[Via: Healthline]

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