William “Freddie” McCullough might have passed away, but he continues to make people laugh from the grave.

Freddie passed away on September 11th and his life was remembered with what I can only describe as a “colorful” obituary that ran in Georgia’s Savannah Morning News.

It appears that Freddie was quite the ladies man because his obit listed a small portion of his romantic conquests over the years, including “Momma Margie, Crazy Pam, Spacy Stacy and Sweet Melissa (he explained that nickname had nothing to do with her attitude).”

The obituary went on to say that McCullough “attracted more women than a shoe sale at Macy’s” and was married three times.

The father of six also enjoyed cooking ribs, building houses, shooting bottles, and "popping wheelies on his Harley at 50 mph."

The only things Freddie hated? Vegetables and hypocrites.

Check out Freddie's complete obituary here.