I wish you could be at work with us today because we're having WAY too much fun!  We've decided to break up the norm here at 98.1 The Hawk/Townsquare Media and have adopted different fun themed days.

We've got Mad Monday where we walk around making mad faces at each other to see who'll laugh first.  We've got Purple Thursday where we wear purple because...well apparently a lot of people here like purple.  And new to the list is.....Wig Wednesday!

Last week, I was talking to Holly Dagger from our sister station 99.1 The Whale about my Cupid Crasher costume and how fun I thought my wig was.  We started talking about how much we liked wigs and I told the story about how years and years ago I had a wig that I'd wear when I didn't feel like showering.  (That would be the one in the picture at the top of this article)  Somehow the discussion turned into how fun it'd be to wear wigs to work and it snowballed from there.

So I give you pictures of the Townsquare Media staff in all of our Wig Wednesday glory today (I'll be posting more pics as more people come in with their wigs):

Ps.  Glenn made the mistake of saying on air that he might dye his facial hair for Cupid Crasher tomorrow.  If you think he should let me dye his facial hair on the air tomorrow morning, leave a comment saying so.  If we get a bunch of comments, he'll have to let me.  Right?!? Besides, he can let me do it as his birthday gift to me!