If there is one movie you need to see it's 2007's 'The Bucket List' starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Great movie that really makes you think about all the things you would like to do before kicking the bucket.

There's a new survey that came out, asking American's what would be on their bucket list.  It's interesting to note that the average person only ever fulfills FIVE of their lifelong goals.

What's on your bucket list?  While the top 50 included some good ones: running in a marathon, learning to play an instrument, gambling in Vegas, and being an extra in a movie, the top 10 had people packing their suitcases . . .

#10-  Visit Antarctica

#9-  Invent something that changes lives

#8-  Travel to the pyramids in Egypt

#7-  See the Seven Wonders of the World

#6-  Travel the Inca Trail in Peru

#5-  Completely pay off your mortgage

#4-  Walk the Great Wall In China

#3-  See the Northern Lights

#2-  Travel the world

#1-  Become a millionaire

What's on your bucket list?  I'm aiming for #1!