Glenn Pitcher is definitely hamming it up to the hilt today with his "shirtless cowboy" routine. What started as a simple request by Zona Bar and Grill for Glenn to dress as a shirtless cowboy at tonight's Sens tailgate party from 4:30pm-6:30pm has turned into anything but.

Glenn lost to me in the Hawk Morning Show NCAA Bracket Challenge so as part two of his punishment, he has to go everywhere dressed as the shirtless cowboy today- from the bank to the area, what he's wearing is what he's wearing.

But Glenn decided that walking around dressed as the shirtless cowboy all day as well as hosting chuck a puck at night's hockey game wasn't enough.  Nope.  Glenn decided to ambush fellow unsuspecting co-workers.  Here's how it went down:

Ambush attack #1- Heather Borrows, Townsquare Media Receptionist:

Ambush attack #2- Deanna Dohnken, Townsquare Media Traffic Coordinator: