When I got home yesterday afternoon and had gone half the day without being April Fooled, I was sure I was in the clear. But I wasn't. My sister got me in a fool bigger than any ever played on me before.

I'd just laid down for a nap when my phone rang and it was my sister. She sounded like she'd been crying. I asked what was wrong and she told me she got served and was told she had 30 days to move out of the house she just bought because there was a clause in her contract that stated her loan/mortgage could be revoked if she'd ever owed back taxes and that she called her lawyer and he wasn't returning her calls and she didn't know what to do or how she was going to tell her husband. I kept saying it didn't sound right and that if that were the case her lawyer should have let her know beforehand. I also told her they couldn't take the house if she'd already closed and if she'd been paying her mortgage. My sister kept sounding like she was gonna cry and asking me what to do. My mind started going crazy thinking about who I could call and who I know who's a lawyer and how I was gonna fix this for her. And then I asked her to read her contract to me. She said she'd already been over it and it said "April Fools."

I wasn't the only one fooled yesterday. Price Chopper posted the following on their Facebook page: "Attention Chopper Shoppers! Due to numerous complaints from our customers regarding excessive spare change as well as stray pennies lying in our parking lots & stores, we will no longer be accepting pennies at our registers effective May 1st."  Even after they posted that it was a prank, people were still all sorts of angry including the person who wrote " In the United States you have to accept the countries currency! This will include pennies. I will shop some place else!"

Another company that pulled one over its customers was M&M's. They announced a new flavor M&M- bacon! I thought it was a prank, but was hoping it wasn't because bacon and chocolate is delicious. But alas, it wasn't for real. M&M's posted on their Facebook page saying "April Fools! We were just fakin' with the bacon, BUT here's a real new M&M'S flavor that's worth celebrating." The new flavor is birthday cake. Its just not right to joke around with bacon. Not right at all.

Here are a couple of other companies that got in on the spirit of April Fools: