With Memorial Day right around the corner, a lot of people will be opening up their pools.  And for those who don’t own a pool, they’ll be hitting up public pools. 


If you’re one of the people who plans to visit a public pool, there’s something you need to know.  Can you guess what the number one problem is in public pools? Number two. That’s right- a CDCstudy found that almost 60% of public swimming pools contained traces of fecal matter.  


Experts say E. coli bacteria can wind up in the water due to accidents or from traces of fecal matter on swimmers.  The bugs were found to be significantly more common in public pools than in pools at private clubs.  


While most pool water samples were found not to contain E. coli germs that could cause illness, this info will probably still make you think twice before diving in this summer, right? 

Or....you could just do what I did.  Get a little kiddie pool.  You won't be able to swim in it, but it'll cool you off.