Most people know Penny Marshall from TV's Laverne & Shirley or an accomplished director of A League of Their Own and the Tom Hanks hit, Big, the first Hollywood movie with a woman at the helm to gross over $100 million.

Penny Marshall's new memoir 'My Mother Was Nuts' is both hilarious and dead serious.  When you read it, you'll learn more about this gifted entertainer who takes the reader on a wild ride that started on The Jackie Gleason Show, her breakout role on The Odd Couple, her exploits with Cindy Williams and John Belushi and her work with Robert DeNiro, Whitney Houston, Tom Hanks, Mark Wahlberg and a bunch more.  Is there or was there a "feud" with co-star Cindy Williams?  Any truth to the tabloids stories on her health?  These subjects are covered but overall, when you read this book, you will admire a fascinating woman who's career began by accident.  'My Mother Was Nuts' is a very entertaining book to pick up for weekend reading.