Some men are just so gullible, so let this be a lesson- if a hot chick you don't know shows up at your door and asks to swim naked in your pool, your answer should be "NO!"

A 54 year old Tennessee man fell victim to the beauty of female nudity when a woman knocked on his door with her man and asked if she could take a dip in his pool.  The woman asked her man to run back and grab her smokes and for whatever reason the 54 year old unnamed homeowner didn't think anything was strange about this so he told her she could help herself to his pool.

And help herself, she did! The woman slipped out of her clothes and swam in her birthday suit for about 20 minutes and when she was done, the homeowner grabbed a towel and helped her dry off. Of course he did. Ugh!

After being dried off, the woman left and it was only after the homeowner went back into his house that he discovered he'd been robbed of a handgun, jewelry and medication. The suspects have been identified but have yet to be caught.

So guys, remember- when a woman asks to swim nude in your pool, it’s always too good to be true.