If you were hanging out this past weekend, grilling and chilling with a cold drink in your hand and got eaten alive, there’s a reason you turned into a feeding ground for mosquitoes and it’s not because Binghamton is a river town.

The Washington Times shared the results of a new study that says mosquitoes love beer drinkers. Just one little 12 ounce can of beer makes you more attractive to the annoying little buggers.

Scientists also say a bunch of other factors – such blood type, metabolism, the amount of exercise you do, and the amount of carbon dioxide you emit – all have something to do with how much mosquitoes target you. As it turns out, mosquitoes tend to larger frames and bigger bodies which are sometimes guys with serious beer bellies.

So you want to hang out outside and you want a beer in your hand, but don’t want to get eaten alive, so what do you do? Cover yourself in insect repellent, silly!