Why would anybody want to emulate Miley Cyrus? Did you see her tacky VMA performance? I might have gotten sick a little in my mouth just thinking about it.

Miley definitely wrecked things for Grand Valley State University. A giant pendulum sculpture had to be removed from the campus because students were using it to recreate Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video.

Apparently, a lot of students were making their own videos while riding on the pendulum and posting those videos to social media.

Kid will be kids and will do things like this, but imagine driving by the school and seeing naked kids swinging from a sculpture. Yep, that happened. Some of the kids were riding the pendulum naked like Miley does in her music video.

Obviously all of this was becoming a safety hazard and school officials had to have the 500 pound “wrecking ball” removed.

I like the song, but don’t like the video so much. If you think you can stomach it, here’s the music video for Miley’s song “Wrecking Ball.”