At the Binghamton Municipal and Public Affairs Committee meeting yesterday, this point was brought up:  Binghamton's decades old noise ordinance might be essentially useless.  Ya think?

As a resident of Binghamton, I don't need a committee meeting to tell me that the noise ordinance is pretty much useless.

Now, at yesterday's meeting questions were raised concerning the level of noise within the city, which would find a lawnmower in violation and what city agency is in charge of enforcing the regulation, but what I'm talking about is the other kind of noise. The noise that comes from people.

If you're ever on the West Side and want to listen to a free concert, just bring a lawn chair and camp out on my sidewalk.  You'll get a free all night hard rock/metal concert from my neighbors. And by all night, I mean all night.  I've lived in my house for 10 months and for 9 of those months, I've fallen asleep to the sound of banging drums almost every single night.  There's a group of kids who live on my street who have a band.  They also have outdoor parties.  At 2am.  During the week.

All of the neighbors I've talked to are beyond frustrated because we live on a quiet, family friendly street and all is calm except for the one house where there always seems to be excessive noise at all hours of the night into early morning and from what I've been told, nothing has ever been done about it.

I understand that living in a city comes with things like noise, but to have a rock concert at 1am on a week day or to have an outdoor street party at 2am on a week day seems a little much.

By the way, another meeting regarding Binghamton's noise ordinance is scheduled for August 19th.